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Poker Tables

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Why People Love Poker

There are poker tables in practically every casino on the planet. There’s a good reason for this; of all casino games, poker remains the most popular. But why? Part of it is due to its ubiquity, which means if you’re hankering for a spot of poker, you can always find a place to play. Another reason is the nature of the game. It blends skill and chance in ways that give both experts and novices a decent shot at winning.
Poker Tables Customised Designs

Choosing Professional Poker Tables

Professional poker tables have to withstand a considerable amount of abuse, so do not compromise on quality. You also need to think about the dimensions of the table; these will be determined by the size of the space you want to use. The quality of felt is another critical consideration as it impacts the overall gaming experience; ensure that cards glide effortlessly across the surface before you make your purchase. Good felt is expensive, but it stands up to constant use much better.
Do you keep your casino dimly lit for dramatic effect? Buy Casino Stuff stocks poker tables with brightly coloured felt for enhanced visibility. Something else you need to consider is the quality of the rail around the table. Players will be leaning on it for hours on end, so the rail should be padded and sturdy. If players will be bringing their drinks to the table, then tables with cup holders are ideal.
Poker Tables for Home Gamers

Poker Tables For The Home Gamer

Size is a key consideration when you’re buying poker tables for home use. To arrive at the ideal table dimensions, consider the number of players, the size of the room you’ll be using, and the legroom you need. The shape also matters. Circular or octagonal tables are ideal if there are fewer than six players, while oval tables are preferable if the number is larger. If your room has an unusual design, then the great thing about is that we also provide custom poker tables.
If space in your home is limited, consider buying a folding table. Alternatively, buy poker tables you can use for other purposes, such as dining. To minimise the risk of accidental spills, ensure the table you buy has cup holders. Is your budget super tight? Consider buying just a tabletop with felt, or if your carpentry skills are up to scratch, making an entire table. Do not skimp on sturdiness or stability, though, no matter which option you’re considering.

Our Unique Bespoke Designs

Want the felt of your poker tables to feature your name? Are you looking for a bespoke table for an oddly shaped room? Or are you interested in jazzing up your table with LED lighting and stainless steel cup holders? We’ve got the answers. Custom poker tables, blackjack tables and roulette tables are our specialty. Tell us exactly what you want, and we will make it for you!

Accessories For Every Gaming Need

Whether you’re looking for brass cup holders to jazz up your poker tables or purple felt for your custom poker tables, we can help. You will also find clear acrylic dealer buttons, travel bags to protect your precious purchase during transit, and other interesting gaming accessories. We have everything you need – and much more – at our online store. We offer dealer trays, unique playing cards, replacement felts, automatic card shufflers and other gaming essentials for your poker tables at prices that will make your jaw drop. Visit us today!

Here’s What Our Customers Say!

“We wanted table felt in a particular shade of orange for our custom poker tables – call us weird, but the heart wants what it wants. We looked around for days, and just as we were about to give up, we found exactly what we wanted at this store. Buy Casino Stuff also had other things we wanted as well, such as brass cup holders and those USB chargers you can mount under a table. If you’re looking for poker-related accessories for your project, we cannot recommend this store enough.”

Jonathon Briggs
“My company makes bespoke poker tables. Last month, we had a particularly large rush order, and we needed a large quantity of cards, cut cards, cup holders, money paddles and other accessories quickly. One of our friends recommended this store. We called and explained our situation. They promised to prioritise our order and ensure everything was delivered on time. We were very surprised when they delivered our order a day ahead of time. As you can imagine, we do not buy our supplies anywhere else. We highly recommend them.”

Lizzie Sharp
Poker Pix, Manchester
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